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Family of Donald Maynard BROWN and Glenys ADEY

Husband: Donald Maynard BROWN (1943- )
Wife: Glenys ADEY (1944- )
Children: Philip Derek Maynard BROWN (1970- )
Nicola Emma Maynard BROWN (1972-2008)
Marriage 2 Sep 1967 Coventry

Husband: Donald Maynard BROWN


Donald Maynard BROWN

Name: Donald Maynard BROWN
Sex: Male
Father: Frank Aubrey BROWN (1915-1990)
Mother: Eva Fanny MAYNARD (1905- )
Birth 15 May 1943 Portsmouth
Occupation Chartered Electrical Engineer

Wife: Glenys ADEY


Glenys ADEY

Name: Glenys ADEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Feb 1944 Coventry

Child 1: Philip Derek Maynard BROWN


Philip Derek Maynard BROWN

Name: Philip Derek Maynard BROWN
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Oct 1970 Islington, London
Occupation IT Expert

Child 2: Nicola Emma Maynard BROWN


Nicola Emma Maynard BROWN


Spouse: Jamie ROGERS

Name: Nicola Emma Maynard BROWN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jamie ROGERS (1971- )
Birth 28 May 1972 Colchester
Occupation Business consultant
Death 13 Jul 2008 (age 36) Warwick